Launch Workshop Resources With Cloudformation

The required AWS resources for the workshop are created with AWS CloudFormation. The CloudFormation stack that you launch in the next section works with nested stacks. Nested stacks are stacks created as part of other stacks. You will see more than one CloudFormation stack being launched. Nested stacks are marked as NESTED in the AWS CloudFormation console.

AWS Cloud9 is based on EC2 so your Cloud9 instance will be prepared and used to run the Greengrass Software and an OPC UA server.

The CloudFormation Stack creates the following resources:

  • AWS Cloud9 instance provides terminal access, editor, awscli. The AWS IoT Greengrass Core software and an OPC UA server will also run on the Cloud9 instance.
  • SageMaker instance used to execute Jupyter notebooks
  • S3 Bucket to store data
  • VPC with public subnet + Security Group
  • Instance Profile for your Cloud9 instance
  • IAM Role required for provisioning scenarios