Launch Cloudformation Stack

When you are participating in an AWS event and accounts are provided by AWS the resources for the workshop have been created for you already. In this case skip to the next section.

Choose an AWS region below where you want to launch your CloudFormation stack. It is recommended to choose the closest region.

By choosing one of the links below you will be automatically redirected to the CloudFormation section of the AWS Console where your stack will be launched.

After you have been redirected to the Quick create stack page at the AWS CloudFormation console take the following steps to launch you stack:

  1. You don’t need to change the default values for Stack name and Instance Types
  2. Capabilities (at the bottom of the page):
    • Check I acknowledge that AWS CloudFormation might create IAM resources with custom names.
    • Check I acknowledge that AWS CloudFormation might require the following capability: CAPABILITY_AUTO_EXPAND
  3. Create stack
  4. Wait until the complete stack is created. It should take round about 10mins. for the stack to complete.

In the Outputs section of your stack in the AWS CloudFormation console you find several values for resources that have been created for example links to access your Cloud9 environment or the SageMaker notebook instance.

You can go back at any time to the Outputs section to find these values.