Start OPC-UA Server

In a Cloud9 terminal as ec2-user:

cd ~/sitewise/

A moment after you started the OPC-UA server you will see some activity in the output and a message which looks similar to:

Client connected with address =  ::ffff:  port =  40412
13:49:42:627 751 ActivateSessionRequest  ID = 1
13:49:42:631 751 ActivateSessionResponse  status =  BadSessionIdInvalid (0x80250000)
13:49:42:633 752 CreateSessionRequest  ID = 1
    client application URI:  urn:amazon:iot:sitewise:client:Node-OPC-UA on localhost port 26543
        client product URI:  client product uri not configured
   client application name:  locale=en text=client application name not configured
   client application type:  1
              session name:  UaSession:client application name not configured:1634132982633
           session timeout:  600000
                session id:  undefined

The OPC-UA server received a connection by the SiteWise data collector (aws.iot.SiteWiseEdgeCollectorOpcua). The collector retrieves data from your OPC-UA server and writes them in to a stream. The SiteWise publisher reads this stream and forwards the data to the AWS IoT SiteWise data store in the AWS Cloud.