Data ingestion and asset properties

Data can be send to AWS IoT SiteWise with any of the following approaches:

  • Use an AWS IoT SiteWise gateway to upload data from OPC-UA servers. You have created a Greengrass setup in the previous section that will run SiteWise connector.
  • Use AWS IoT Rules to upload data from MQTT messages published by an AWS IoT thing or another AWS service.
  • Use the AWS IoT SiteWise PUT API to upload data from any other source.

AWS IoT SiteWise consumes data and matches data streams to asset properties. You need to create assets models, assets based on theses models and associate data stream with asset properties to receive data in AWS IoT SiteWise.

The data for the generators in the workshop are ingested with the following approaches:

  • Generators 1 and 2: through a SiteWise gateway
  • Generators 3 and 4: through the SiteWise PUT API
  • Generators 7 and 8: by using AWS IoT’s rules engine