Modelling assets

You can create virtual representations of your industrial operation with AWS IoT SiteWise assets. An asset represents a device, a piece of equipment, or a process that sends one or more data streams to AWS IoT SiteWise. Each data stream corresponds to unique property alias.

As an example for the workshop the alias /DayOneEnergyCorp/1/Generator/Power is the measurement for the energy produced by Generator number one.

Based on measurements you can create metrics. In the workshop example a generator reports amongst other values the energy produced per minute. This is the measurement. You will create a metric based on that measurement for the energy produced in a 5 minute interval.

To define an asset you need first to create an asset model. In the asset model you define also properties for your assets. Asset properties are the structures within each asset that contain asset data. There are property types like Attributes, Measurements, Transforms and Metrics.

Remember the hierarchy Asset model -> Asset -> Asset property