Create an asset from the All Power Plants model

When the model is in the status ACTIVE create assets based on this model. Add Power Plant assets.

  1. Model: All Power Plants
  2. Name: All Power Plants

After the asset has been created associate each Power Plant asset to All Power Plants

  1. Edit
  2. Assets associated to this asset
  3. Add associated asset
  4. Hierarchy: All_Power_Plants-Power_Plants-Hierarchy
  5. Asset: Power Plant 1
  6. Add associated asset
  7. Hierarchy: All_Power_Plants-Power_Plants-Hierarchy
  8. Asset: Power Plant 2
  9. Add associated asset
  10. Hierarchy: All_Power_Plants-Power_Plants-Hierarchy
  11. Asset: Power Plant 3
  12. “power_all_plants_5m”: Notification status: ENABLED
  13. Save asset