Modify Asset Models

Generator asset model

Go to the AWS IoT SiteWise console

  1. Click the three bars in the upper left corner
  2. Models
  3. Click Generator model 262966 Doppler
  4. Edit
  5. Transform definitions
  6. Name: q_watts_good, Formula: gte(watts_1m,15), Unit: q_watts_good
  7. Add metric
  8. Name: performance_5m, Formula: sum_watts_5m/125, Time Interval: 5 minutes
  9. Add metric
  10. Name: quality_5m, Formula: sum(q_watts_good)/count(q_watts_good), Time Interval: 5 minutes
  11. Add metric
  12. Name: q_good_count_5m, Formula: count(q_watts_good), Time Interval: 5 minutes
  13. Add metric
  14. Name: q_good_sum_5m, Formula: sum(q_watts_good), Time Interval: 5 minutes
  15. Add metric
  16. Name: run_time_5m, Formula: statetime(q_watts_good), Time Interval: 5 minutes
  17. Add metric
  18. Name: availability_5m, Formula: run_time_5m/300, Time Interval: 5 minutes
  19. Add metric
  20. Name: oee_5m, Formula: availability_5m*performance_5m*quality_5m, Time Interval: 5 minutes
  21. Save

Power Plant asset model

Add the following metric definitions to the Power Plant asset model:

  • Name: oee_count_5m, Formula: count(Power_Plants-Generators-Hierarchy oee_5m), Time Interval: 5 minutes
  • Name: oee_sum_5m, Formula: sum(Power_Plants-Generators-Hierarchy oee_5m), Time Interval: 5 minutes
  • Name: oee_5m, Formula: oee_sum_5m/oee_count_5m, Time Interval: 5 minutes

Verify the calculation

After your asset models have been updated you need to wait at least 5 minutes until the new values will show up.

Open a power plant and a generator asset and verify that the new metrics are present and that you can find a latest value for them.