OEE fundamentals

In this exercise you will create an OEE calculation per generator and per power plant. The following calculation will be used for availability, performance and quality. We will use very simplified calculations based on a time interval of 5 minutes. In real world scenarios you would rather use time intervals per shift/day.


Quality is defined as Good Count / Total Count

For the workshop the quality will be calculated based on the energy produced per minute. If the watts produced per minute is greater or equal than 15 the quality is considered to be good otherwise bad.

The quality will be calculated by a transform definition in the generator asset model.

Quality will be calculated as sum(good quality)/count(total quality)


Performance is defined as Throughput / Expected Throughput

In the workshop we will use the energy produced over 5 minutes as performance indicator. As a generator can produce up to 25 watts per minute the maximum energy produced per 5 minutes will be 125 watts.

Performance will be calculated as sum_watts_5m/125


Availability is defined as Run Time / Total Run Time

The run time in seconds will be calculated as the time when good quality has been produced. The possible total run time in 5 minutes are 300 seconds.

Availability will be calculated as run_time_5m/300

Additional metrics

For the exercise you will add several other metrics which are the base for quality/performance/availability calculations to clarify how the calculations work.