Getting data through the AWS IoT SiteWise API

SiteWise allows you to get values, historical values and aggregate values for properties. Jupyter notebooks will be used to demonstrate how you can get data through the API.

Notebooks for this exercise:

  • 01_SW_Config.ipynb (you don’t need to execute this notebook again if it was used in a previous exercise)
  • 03_SW_Getting_Data.ipynb

Access the Jupyter notebooks on your SageMaker instance

  1. Go to outputs section for your stack SiteWiseWorkshop in the AWS CloudFormation console
  2. Click the link next to AmazonSageMakerInstanceURL to open your SageMaker notebook instance
  3. Double-click sitewise
  4. Work through the notebooks (double-click to open) 01_SW_Config.ipynb and 03_SW_Getting_Data.ipynb
  5. If you have used the notebook 01_SW_Config.ipynb in the previous exercise you don’t need to go through it again

Again, feel free to experiment with the notebooks, improve the code, try something new.