Consume data from IoT Analytics

Consume data from IoT Analytics

In this exercise you will pull data from IoT Analytics into a Jupyter notebook, enrich the data and create a line chart.

As you can see from the result preview data for assets and properties are stored with their ids which is not very meaningful. Who knows what is the asset behind the id fa123caa-69ef-47bc-b3a2-1f4efaa8b8a7? You will learn to add the related asset and property names while working with the data.

You will use Jupyter notebooks for this exercise.

Notebooks for this exercise:

  • 01_SW_Config.ipynb (you don’t need to execute this notebook again if it was used in a previous exercise)
  • 05_SW_ExploreData_IoTA.ipynb

And now?

  • you can wait for more content to come
  • you can use a Jupyter notebook and consume and analyse your data set
  • create an IoT Events state machine and use a content delivery rule to send message to IoT Events
  • have better ideas than I have
  • let us know what you want to see in the workshop

So what is your choice?