Delete SiteWise and Greengrass resources

Delete the portal

You can delete the SiteWise Monitor portal manually with the management console or with a script.

Using the AWS Management console

  • Delete dashboard(s)
  • Delete project(s)
  • Delete portal

Using a script

The script requires the portal id as input.

Find the portal id:

aws iotsitewise list-portals --query 'portalSummaries[?name==`PowerPlants`].id' --output text

Take a note of the portal id to delete the portal with a script.

cd ~/sitewise/portal-mgmt/

Delete assets and asset models

  • disassociate the assets from parents
  • delete assets
    • list assets: aws iotsitewise list-assets --filter TOP_LEVEL
    • delete assets: aws iotsitewise delete-asset --asset-id <asset_id>
  • delete asset models

Delete Greengrass core

Delete the Greengrass core device and create an empty deployment. Your Greengrass core software must still be running to create an empty deployment.

In a Cloud9 terminal:

cd ~/sitewise/edge/
./ SiteWise-Core

Delete the SiteWise gateway

In a Cloud9 terminal:

cd ~/sitewise/edge/
./ sitewise-workshop-Gateway