What you are going to build

You are operating power plants in an energy producing company. Three power plants hosts generators that are producing energy. The following measurements are retrieved from your generators:

  • Watts produced per minute. A normal range for the produced energy is round about between 15 and 25 watts per minute
  • Temperature. When a generator operates normally you can expect a temperature from round about 20° celsius
  • rpm. A generator producing the expected energy operates with round about 100 rpm

Based on these measurments the following metrics will be calculated for a generator, a power plant or all powerplants:

  • Watts produced per generator in 5 minutes. Expected output would be round about 100 watts.
  • Ratio between average rpm and energy produced per 5 minutes per generator. A normal value would be round about 1.
  • Energy produced per power plant per 5 minutes
  • Energy produced by all power plants per 5 minutes

You will create dashboards like the following ones. But feel free to create more or different dashboards: