Workshop environment

AWS Cloud9

In this workshop you will learn how AWS IoT SiteWise works. The workshop also covers some basics of AWS services related to SiteWise like AWS IoT Core, AWS IoT Analytics and AWS IoT Greengrass.

The workshop is designed to be conducted in an AWS Cloud9 environment which will be provisioned through AWS CloudFormation. The AWS Cloud9 IDE runs on an Amazon EC2 instance. Amazon Linux is used as operating system and the standard user is named ec2-user.

The Greengrass software as well as an OPC UA server will both run on one AWS Cloud9 instance.

node-opcua will be used as a sample OPC UA server.

The AWS Cloud9 IDE offers a rich code-editing experience with support for several programming languages and runtime debuggers, and a built-in terminal. It contains a collection of tools that you use to code, build, run, test, and debug software, and helps you release software to the cloud.

You access the AWS Cloud9 IDE through a web browser.

The AWS Command Line Interface (awscli) will be installed and configured on the AWS Cloud9 Instance. If the instructions refer to the awscli use the one that is installed on the Cloud9 instance.

Make sure that you execute the awscli (aws) as ec2-user. It is only configured for this user on the Cloud9 instance.


For some exercises Jupyter notebooks will be used. The notebooks will be executed on an Amazon SageMaker instance. Notebooks will be copied automatically onto the instance.

A Jupyter notebook cannot only contain code but also documentation. For several exercises you will find the instructions in these notebooks.

Working with Jupyter notebooks

Cells in notebooks containing code which should be executed have square brackets [ ] left from the cell.

  • [ ] Cell has not been executed

  • [*] Cell is active. Depending on the code it could take some while for a cell finish execution

  • [X] where X is any number like [6] means that the code in the cell has been executed

  • Execute cells:

  • Use Run in the top of the screen

  • Ctrl+<Enter> on the keyboard